Week 4 presentation Advanced Language Skills
Title: 5 ways to spot a liar
Speaker: Liu meiyu and Zhang Xuemei

Ø How can we spot the lies that we are told?
A. Pay attention to voice changes, and hear the voice crack
B. Spot misleading behaviors from written material
C. Unfocused eyes as a classic sign of lying
D. Get better at body language
E. Check for emotional ‘leaks’

Ø Wordfrustrating adj
Little white lies (of all sorts) are tossed our way daily, and getting to the truth of the matter can be frustrating, time-consuming, even upsetting.
u Definition: adj. causing you to feel annoyed and impatient because you cannot do or achieve what you want (Oxford Advanced Learner’s English-Chinese Dictionary, Fourth Edition,1998
e.g.: It’s frustrating to have to wait so long.
u Related Words: frustrate v frustrated adj frustration n

Ø Sentence
Even professionals trained in the art of lie detection – police personnel, judges, lawyers – can’t always isolate them. (Notice: Here ‘Dash’ means explaining further, but it cannot be used in academic writing. )

Ø Summary
This article discusses five ways to spot the lying There are ‘Hear the voices’, ‘Watch those word’, ‘Look past shifty eyes’, Get better at body language’, and ‘Check for emotional leaks’. Lies occur in anywhere, and lying becomes a main characteristic in our life.