Each week I would like each person to find two words from their reading. One word must be an academic word from an academic text (such as your textbooks). The other word must be a general word from a general text (such as a newspaper, novel, magazine etc.). For each word you must give the source sentence and reference, the definition and a mnemonic (a way of remembering the word) - you can use Chinese for this if you like. If you can find a copyright-free picture (or a photo you have taken yourself) which illustrates your word, then please upload it, as pictures help us to remember vocabulary.
Week 1 Vocabulary.
Week 2 Vocabulary
Week 3 Vocabulary
Week 4 Vocabulary
Week 5 Vocabulary
Week 6 Vocabulary
Week 7 Vocabulary
Week 8 Vocabulary
Week 9 Vocabulary
Week 10 Vocabulary
Spoken English
Term2 Week 1 Vocabulary
Term 2 Week 2 Vocabulary
Term 2 Week 3 Vocabulary
TERM THREE (revision)