Context Sentence:
Last month there were calls for a ban on size zero models at London Fashion Week after super-thin girls were barred from the catwalks in Madrid.

Metro, Monday, October 9, 2006 Size zero clothes-on sale in a shop near you PP5

obstruct (sth) so as to prevent progress
e,g: Soldiers barred the road so we had to turn back.

bar sb from sth/doing sth. : prevent sb from using sth or from doing sth
e,g: She was barred from (entering) the competition because of her age.

Another good word - here are some more sentences using it. I have underlined what is being forbidden and put in italics the person who is being refused persmission. Can you answer the question about the last 2 examples? (Tilly)
When the challengers, who have a bigger budget and more style than the host body, wanted to open their own village, the ACOC barred them from using the words `America's Cup';

I'd like to propose that the writer of this letter when known should be barred for life from the Club.

However, Palestinians were forced to remain within the occupied territories so that the majority were effectively barred from their jobs in Israel.

He was barred for life from the game and angrily hired his own team of detectives to collect evidence to prove that all the other major clubs were also evading the regulations.

Only five of the 282 exiles were now barred from Taiwan, according to Interior Minister Wu Po-hsiung.

A STUDENT barred by police from canoeing over England's mightiest waterfall has been seriously injured in a daredevil river plunge.

Ms Bonham Carter, 26, has given the High Court in London a map marking out an area of several hundred yards around her home from which she wants the man barred.

These examples do not say what or where the people had been barred from because it is clear from the context – can you guess?

A nurse told me a policeman wanted to see me, but visitors had been barred until tomorrow.

Northwich where several publicans have barred drinkers aged between 18 and 21 on Friday and Saturday nights.