Word: bump

Context Sentece: Living in close proximity, where you can't help repeatedly bumping into one another also helps.

Source: Reader's Digest ( November 2006) Page: 23

Definition: (informal) to meet sb by chance

Reference: Adevanced Learner's English - Chinese Dictionary Page: 212

Mnemonic: Jump - if you bump into someone unexpectedly it might make you jump!

Here are some more example sentences, notice how the place is often mentioned:
In my younger days the Church was the very heart of the community, and was always the place to bump into friends and family.

I usually bump into him every so often on the stairs, in one of the upstairs rooms or in the garden, but I have not seen him in some time.

It must be horrible to be driven away from all your old haunts because you might bump into your drug mates.

He had been debating whether to go down there or get in touch with the record office of the ATS when, returning one day from an unsuccessful interview for a job with a theatrical agent, he had happened to bump into Eleanor Fuller in Piccadilly.

'I was feeling that was a pity when some hours later I was coming out of a supermarket and just happened to bump into Sheena again, and we arranged to make contact again,' says Betty.