Word: calque

Introducing Translation Studies- Theories and applications, Jeremy Munday,Page 56, 4.1

Original sentence:
"For example, the French calque 'Compliments de la Saison' for the English 'Compliments of the season'. Vinay and Darbelnet note that both borrowing and calques often become fully integrated into the TL, although sometimes with some semantic change, which turn them into false friends."

calque of/on sth
a word or expression in a language that is a translation of a word or expression in another language

(electric dictionary:
Oxford Advanced Learner's English Dictionary Sixth Edition//)

'cal'- calling
'que'- technique,way

So just understand the meaning: it is a technique(way) of calling something in a different language,
that is, 'cal-que', 'calque'.